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Toyota Motors is the second-largest car manufacturer on the planet, designing and outputting anything from sub compacts and luxury sedans to minivans and even buses. With popular models including Camry, Land Cruiser and Sienna, Toyota is a Japanese-based company that manufactures combustion and hybrid engines built to last. From crossover SUVs to pickup trucks, Toyota has long been known as an industry leader in terms of both manufacturing and production processes.


With popular models including Soul, Optima and Sorento, Kia Motors manufactures a broad range of vehicles for various market segments, featuring a solid safety rating. With one eye on craftsmanship and the other on attention to detail, Kia’s vehicles are priced in the affordable range for most models. They offer crossover SUVs, luxury sedans, and even hybrids to compete globally in the environmentally friendly trend. In a commitment to offering affordable, spacious vehicles, Kia offers a variety of five-door cars, minivans and large SUVs.


Nissan manufactures anything from passenger cars and trucks to buses and even a 100 percent electric car. With innovative designs and solid safety ratings, Nissan offers a vehicle for every need in every price point. Featuring seating for 8 in the Armada, Nissan vehicles generally offer spacious cabins with state of the art, easy to read instrumentation. Their mid-size trucks feature available long beds, full-size doors and off-road shocks for the utmost in power.


Hyundai’s vehicle lineup includes class-leading sedans, subcompacts and SUVs, with high fuel efficiency and unbeatable value. Affordably priced, Hyundai vehicles range from premium/performance cars to crossovers and even hybrids. It produces award-winning “green” cars to keep competitive pace with today’s best electric and hybrid vehicles. Continuously named top safety pick, Hyundai offers economical, safe options for families and singles, with surprisingly roomy interiors and powerful engines with low mileage ratings.


At the top of the luxury car brand market, Lexus offers high-end sedans, SUVs and hybrids, all engineered with the highest safety ratings and state of the art offerings in mind. Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation, features push-button starts, touchscreen navigations systems, Bluetooth technology capability, unique sound-absorbing sun visors, dual-zone climate control and sophisticated airbag systems for the utmost in protection while on the road. Lexus also prides itself on ultra-low emissions and direct injection engines.


Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan, boasts state of the art technology and innovative touches to offer comfortable, roomy interiors that can seat up to seven with sliding rear seats. Featuring spirited performance additions, high safety ratings, luxurious interiors and streamlined exteriors, choose from sedans and coupes or hybrids and SUVs. With stout engines for zip, Infinity stands for quality and performance, especially when it comes to its signature mid-size sedans, such as the G35, which debuted in 2003.


Boasting a spectrum of vehicles, from cars and crossovers to coupes and convertibles, Mitsubishi is a top Japanese auto manufacturer. Affordably priced, Mitsubishi offers spacious sports sedans, SUVs and even electric cars to compete in the environmentally friendly market. With above-average performance and style, Mitsubishi vehicles represent a good value for families and singles alike. Its sports cars are focused on efficiency and agility, with solid handling and performance ratings.


As the fastest growing brand in the country, Hino’s light and medium duty trucks are built for work. With choices ranging from Cab-Over and Hybrid Light Duty to Class 7 Medium Duty trucks, Hino features high customer satisfaction ratings, industry leading warranties, hybrid options and more. From conventional to COE, Hino’s material handling trucks are best in class vehicles in terms of sales. With a reputation for product superiority, Hino is a part of the Toyota Motor Corporation family.