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Steering Conversion from Right Hand to Left hand

Due to many restrictions in various countries people tend to convert their vehicles from RHD to LHD so it could ease the process of importation. We at Imperial Motors FZD will help you find the best possible solution for this.

Imperial Motors FZD does not promote this service as a necessity but if it is a requirement we are always here to help you. That being said you should know that the conversion will never be 100% but it will be as good as it can be with all the genuine parts replaced and tested for safety, quality and satisfaction.

Conversion to a Pickup with Crane

The boom in construction brought the need for another popular conversion - a pickup with crane.

These powerful vehicles apart from being able to carry large loads, have a multi-purpose crane on them which is perfect for picking up or unloading all sorts of heavy loads. This makes it a very independent vehicle and a valuable addition to your car-park.

You can find out more about this conversion by filling out the form below.

Steering Conversion from Left hand to Right Hand

Conversion from LHD to RHD is a service many people opt for who wish to take the vehicle, which they have used here for quite some time, back to their country, which is then entitled to receive a good amount of discount with the payable duty.

Below are pictures of a Toyota Land Cruiser we have recently converted from LHD to RHD should you wish to inquire more about it please fill the form.

Conversion to an Ambulance

A part of the common LHD/RHD conversions, there are many more options that are possible and available for our customers. One of them is the conversion to an ambulance vehicle.

Preformed with the latest technology we can help you turn your vehicle of choice into an ambulance providing all the extra equipment which is of the highest standard. The converted vehicle can measure up to the best ambulances in the world, ready to provide ultimate medical care in the field.

Conversion to a Dump Truck

Popular with the rise in the construction industry, many models can be converted into a dump truck.

Dependable, robust and able to carry large loads, dump trucks can operate in harsh conditions ensuring that the construction work will not be disrupted.

If you are interested in the option of conversion into a dump truck, please fill in the form below and Imperial Motors will give you the best possible option for this.

Conversion to a Box Body Truck

Being one of the most sought after vehicles box body trucks are a necessity which can perform numerous tasks. Delivery and transport in all sorts of weather conditions is the strongpoint of these trucks.

Many models are suited for this type of conversion and if you want, fill out the form below so we, at Imperial Motors, can find the best solution for you.

Conversion to a Garbage Truck

With the increase and development of new communities, the need for expanding community services is persistent. One of the main community services which ensures environment safety and health is definitely waste control.

That being said garbage trucks are among the most important needs of the community services.
Conversion into a modern garbage truck is no more expensive than buying a new one, and often it is even less than that.

Fill out our inquiry form below and let us help you convert your desired vehicle into a garbage truck and improve your community’s health and environment.

Conversion to a Freezer Truck

Safe transport of fresh and frozen food or medicine is imperative, especially in harsh weather conditions.

You have the option of converting an existing vehicle into a freezer truck and thus insuring that the transportation of such goods will be as safe as it can possibly be.

Imperial Motors have the ability to help you in this, just fill in the inquiry form below and we will come back to you as soon as possible..

Conversion to a Vacuum Tanker Truck