Shipping policy of Imperial Motors FZD
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Based on the time of purchase we normally indicate or give you a rough idea of shipping date but usually if the vessel leaves frequently for that specific area we can ship it within 7-14 days. If the shipment is on a monthly basis than we can ship it only once in a 30 day period.

Normally we use DHL / FedEx / TNT for our spare part shipments based on its weight or volume but if the item turns out to be heavy then we use Air Freight services by Emirates Sky-Cargo or other leading Airlines.

We use both containers and Ro-Ro for our shipments as it all depends on our clients as well as the destination they want their vehicles at. There are some ports to which they allow Car Carriers (Mombasa Port, Kenya. Dar-Es-Salaam Port, Tanzania, Luanda Port, Angola, Tin Can Port, Lagos, Nigeria) so it is easier to ship vehicles on them but it normally takes 30-45 days based on the time the ship leaves. Whereas container shipments can use ships to similar or other ports for which leave every 7-15 days and by that they reduce the transit time by 30-40%.

Yes it is safe to ship up to 3 vehicles in a 40ft container out of which 2 vehicles are hanging while the 3rd vehicle gets parked normally. We usually advise our clients to ship 2 at a time, as we have had problems in the past, but if they still insist or the shipping charges to that destination are higher than usual we can do it as we have most of our shipments insured by (A Clause) which covers only brand new vehicles. We still take a Letter of Guarantee signed by you or your company to avoid any problems or misunderstanding later on.